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Top 5 Bridesmaid Dress Trends for 2022

Written by Sharleen Pattillo


Posted on January 13 2022

Since the day we start playing house, we dream of getting married in that dreamy wedding gown. But as we grow up, dressing up our girl squad in beautiful bridesmaid gowns, and posing with them on our wedding day becomes more of a goal, doesn’t it?

If you are planning to start New Year 2022 by making the wedding bells ring, we can help sort your to-do list. Shopping for bridesmaid dresses must be one of the most important and time-consuming items on your agenda, since it involves the hard work of bringing together a bunch of girls who differ from each other in so many terms. And the challenge doesn’t end here – you also have to keep up with the latest bridesmaid dress trends that change after every few months.

Be it prints, fabrics or colours, keeping up with bridesmaid gown trends is a crucial element to make your wedding the talk of the town. Spring, summer, autumn or winter, whichever season of the New Year you are getting married in, these splendid bridesmaid dress trends will come in handy to complete your planning for the big day:

Ditch matching dresses for another day

    Gone are the days when brides wanted to tie everything together – from their own ceremony attire to the venue’s aesthetics, seasonal themes and even the bridesmaid dresses. They are more inclined towards making their wedding day a memorable one these days. And to do so, adopting a unique idea that creates a fun-filled chaos (like mixing instead of matching) seems more promising. And why not, when the results look stunning in the wedding pictures later. At Bay Bridesmaid, you can explore the popular ‘one colour, different styles’ theme to win your girls.

    Add up to the ethos of celebration with luxe fabrics

    Have you ever wondered why a same dress style looks different in different types of fabrics? So, you can try choosing a dress style that is perfect for your entire bridesmaid gang with the option to choose from various velvet and charmeuse fabrics. While shopping for bridesmaid dresses, you can never go wrong with luxe fabrics as they look rich, shiny, flowy, and perfect for a grand celebration.

    Why not go for refreshing greens and blues?

    We have seldom got a chance to see bridesmaids dressed in colours other than plum, sage, peach, black and white. But doesn’t that make it very monotonous? Time to add some zing to your bridesmaid dresses by opting for flamboyant colours! How about going for greens and blues, then? Refreshing, isn’t it? So, ask your besties to get dressed in the energizing shades of greens and blues, and experience the vibe of your wedding going several notches up on the go.

    Wrapping Up

    Rest, you can experiment to your heart’s content. Go for printed or abstract patterns if you want your lovely bridesmaids to carry your unique style statement in front of all the guests. Explore a wide range of bridesmaid dresses online at Bay Bridesmaid for keeping it all under budget and the most covetable trends. Be bold, be playful – it’s your day, and nobody can take that away from you. Why not sashay that with your girlfriends?