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Simple Ways to Choose Fabulous Maternity Photoshoot Dresses

Written by Sharleen Pattillo


Posted on June 14 2022

Nothing is more attractive than a charming baby bump as you prepare to welcome a new human into the world. Despite your fear, uneasiness, and morning sickness, there will be times when you feel grateful and optimistic about the future. With bright skin, glossy hair, and exquisite curves, you are your most natural self. A moment like this deserves to be remembered forever, and what better way to do so than by having yourself photographed in a nice maternity dress?

However, choosing maternity photoshoot dresses can be quite overwhelming and what you normally wear in everyday life may not appear the greatest in pictures. But don’t worry, we have mentioned 5 simple ways to choose maternity photoshoot dresses.

Choose Attire that Accentuates Your Baby Bump

Your maternity session is all about capturing the beauty of your new form, so make sure you wear something that highlights your bump. You can go for –

• Maternity gowns with a fitted bust that flow around your baby bump

• Dresses with a low waistline

• Bodycon dress

Season Matters

When picking what to wear for your maternity photographs, keep the weather in mind. If the weather is likely to be hot, choose a fabric that is more breathable. Look for a long-sleeved dress or pack a thick knit cardigan to layer over the top if it's likely to be cold.

Spend Wisely

If you don't want to splurge on your maternity photoshoot and want to stay within a budget, renting clothes might be an option. As with maternity dresses, you don't know when you'll wear them again, and the baby bump is only there for a brief period. So, why not rent a maternity gown?

Carry an Extra Pair

Don't restrict yourself to just one dress for your photoshoot. To acquire a range of maternity shots, keep at least two maternity gowns ready. Also, don’t forget to carry your everyday wear, if you intend to travel a lot.


• Take care of your hands as they will be visible in some of the images

• Add jewelry but try and keep it minimal. You wouldn’t want them to take away the focus, the same goes with the makeup.

• Go through real-life examples of how other families have matched their clothing.


There is a plethora of adorable maternity gowns for taking photographs. However, the most essential thing to remember while choosing your outfit and capturing it is that it is for you to enjoy and appreciate the times you are at present.