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Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses – Carry It Like a Boss

Written by Sharleen Pattillo


Posted on December 08 2021

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses are a way to say that we’re all one, but unique! 

We’ve grown up seeing wedding pictures with bride posing together with her bridesmaid squad, all dressed in matching gowns. Buying exactly similar bridesmaid dresses for your besties has indeed been a traditional practice associated with weddings, but the idea of having your bridesmaids wearing mismatched bridesmaid dresses is also getting accepted in the society gradually. In fact, it has become a cool trend as it allows all the bridesmaids to showcase their signature style statement, and enjoy their buddy’s most special day by wearing something that they truly feel comfortable in.

As much as Bay Bridesmaid respects tradition, we also like to pave way for newness that gives more power to our gurl gang. And so, for bridesmaids who just don’t want to go with the flow, our designers have carefully assorted the trendiest mix-and-match bridesmaid dress styles. If you’re tying the knot soon, or a much-awaited wedding is knocking at your door, and you are inspired by the ‘unity in diversity’ concept of bridesmaid dresses, keep reading!

Same colour, different styles

Recently, this has been one of the most coveted wedding themes out of all. It implies that all your sassy bridesmaids get to choose their own dress style (off-shoulder, strapless, long sleeves, deep neckline, bareback, knee length, floor length, literally whatever they like), but in a particular colour. Therefore, it’s one of the best ways to keep their individualities alive,

while not hampering your dream wedding theme one bit. Having all the bridesmaid dresses designed in the same colour is a liberating option that would go well with people with both free-spirited and conservative beliefs.

Same style, different colours

And here’s another classy way to keep all the last-minute inhibitions under the wraps, especially if you are not comfortable with letting your bridesmaids select their own dress styles. All you need to do is choose one style of bridesmaid dress, and then have your closest women slay that style in their own flamboyant colours. This used to feel like a nightmare for many brides as they do not want to lose control over their wedding planning on any level, but it has worked out wonders for many of them. Why not you?

An amalgamation of colours and styles

We can understand the dilemma of seeing your bridesmaid theme going haywire, but with the right kind of ambience, positivity and smiling faces, your girls are going to rock your wedding in mix-and-match bridesmaid dresses. Let their true style and colour shine, for they have stood beside you through thick and thin. But yes, you can get them matching flower bouquets or identical accessories to do your share of tradition. Or even better, pay more attention to small details

like keeping the length of all the dresses alike, or pulling out different hues from the same colour palette, like burgundy, wine, and dark red for creating a slightly matching effect.

Wrapping Up

Today, when we find brides breaking out the stereotypes by choosing bolder colours or unique styles (even jumpsuits) for their bridal dresses, it’s only fair to give the bridesmaids some leverage too. Bay Bridesmaid says – do whatever makes you a happy bride, and spend the most memorable time with your sisters from other mothers…