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How to Choose the Perfect Gown for Your Wedding?

Written by Sharleen Pattillo


Posted on October 20 2021

Let’s agree – not finding our dream wedding gown can be quite the nightmare. We may have a long list of specifications when we enter a bridal store, and when we slip into that perfect dress, all of those prerequisites go out of the window. Hence, it’s only wise to choose our wedding dress with one step forward at a time, and let our heart do all the talking. After all, it’s a very special day of our lives. So, here are some thoughtful tips by our expert designers to help you lay your hands on the bridal dress that’s perfect just for you:

● Shop Early, But Not Too Early

Time flies, and when the load of planning a wedding is on your delicate shoulders, it flies even quicker. We’ve all witnessed a wedding wherein the bride had to settle for something unsuitable because of last-minute shopping. So, keep the agenda of buying your ‘one and only’ bridal dress as your priority. But yes, if you are committed to flaunt the most in-trend dress on your special day, don’t shop too early too. Or else, you might look down on your strapless Cinderella-like wedding gown (that you bought six months ago with all your savings) for a long sleeve lace wedding dress that’s the talk of the town then.

● Be Loyal to Your Size

The struggles of bridal sizing are indeed true, but gone are the days when women used to starve themselves for days to fit into their wedding gowns. The strong wave of body positivity around the world has gradually taught them to be true to their size, however big or small that is. So, don’t torment yourself by buying a size smaller than your actual size to look slimmer as shown in the classic movies like Bride Wars, and go for the size that you truly feel comfortable in. After all, posing with your signature gorgeous smile has to have oodles of comfort in the backdrop.

● Be Aware of Your Wedding Theme

Remember ‘circle the odd one out’ activities that we used to do in kindergarten? But distinction isn’t always fun and fulfilling, especially on the day when you are supposed to tie the forever knot. Looking out of touch with your wedding theme can lead to future regrets like when your wedding album arrives later, and you frown seeing the mismatch that’s annoying to your eyes.

● Plan Your Budget Window Narrower

Almost eighty percent of the soon-to-be brides end up spending way more on their wedding attire than what they had planned in their heads. So, it is always better to start shopping with a narrower budget window. For instance, if you do not want to cross the $1000 line, step ahead with an $800 budget to close your spending at $1000.

Wrapping Up

Here’s hoping that your wedding gown shopping turns out to be a memorable experience for you! Need help? Contact Bay Bridesmaid today!